we know technology

Integrated cross-media marketing solutions connected to all stakeholders in the supply chain using integrated IT solutions
A complete solution
Gain complete insight into your marketing processes using our Marketing Operations Suite (MOS)
Build to fit
In-house software development to deliver
tailor made marketing automation
Get to the point!
Benefit from an integrated marketing technology suite which puts you in control!
Modern marketers cannot do without IT. The need for an integrated system within Cross-Media Marketing capabilities is paramount. Our system architecture, web technologies, single-source publishing tools and workflows for multi-channel campaigns are just a few areas where we thrive. In this we are different as we not only talk about software: we actually build it!

marketing operations suite (MOS)

Our marketing operations suiteTM is an integrated set of applications designed for corporate marketing departments and organizations to simplify processes by automating repetitive marketing tasks. The applications we host stretch from asset management, database publishing to an integrated print management and distribution system. Together these applications provide a single, personalized point of access to relevant information and marketing processes. They improve employee productivity and collaboration, extend business processes and applications to broader audiences, improve business visibility and responsiveness, engage and serve customers, and improve relationships and efficiency among value chain partners.

dedicated software development

An important strength of our company is our development of in-house software. Having software development at our fingertips means we can tailor to the specific needs of the customers’ marketing processes. We don’t have to rely on third parties to help us with complex integrations and support, which gives more opportunity to specify your needs and get quick feedback on your IT requests. With knowledge of modern technologies and development principles, we deliver both integrated and stand-alone solutions that reduce complexity and increase efficiency.