we offer the best of 3 worlds

From technical DTP, to web design,
to 3D product rendering
Hosted applications & software development
Dedicated project & print management
We combine the best of 3 worlds: Creation, Application & Realization into an integrated marketing solution supporting your Cross-Media Supply Chain. Working with relate4u rather then going to a creative agency, IT service provider and print manager you will be able to reduce these multiple points of contact to just one! We simplify the process of integrating creative design, application development and print management, so you are able to converse with your customers in multiple formats, platforms and intervals more effectively, while we will manage your operational challenges.

integrated solutions

relate4u transforms back-end complexity into user simplicity. Being part of the APS Group, we can service the full ‘Cross-media Supply Chain’ from creative concept, artwork, IT systems, publishing, print, warehousing and distribution worldwide. By providing an integrated view of your cross-media supply chain, the ability to align your marketing initiatives with supplier resources across your organization is a reality. Using our integrated and transparent Marketing Operations Platform, marketers and purchasers will gain a comprehensive grasp of their marketing processes, performance and accountability, purchasing effectiveness and environmental impact.

single services

Our solutions aren’t one size fits all. We offer single services through to global integrated solutions. Because we have in-depth knowledge about traditional and modern marketing communication services, we often start working with our customer on 3D rendering, DTP, website, XML publishing or print management assignments as they move from single services to comprehensive integrated solutions leveraging our “best of 3 worlds” approach. As we can make use of more then 75 creative studio resources within the group, we can succesfully manage and deliver time critical and complex jobs.