Philips Products & Services Mobile Site

27 09 2011       Posted in application
Philips Healthcare already uses our online mediapublisherTM for creating their marketing publications. One of these documents is a catalogue of their Products and Services. Philips Healthcare asked relate4u to improve their current process for creating the mobile website. Because they were already using the mediapublisherTM to create the printed catalogue it was only natural to suggest to apply our single source publishing principles.
We integrated the creation of a website for mobile devices with our mediapublisherTM by adding a mobile publication channel next to the existing PDF publication channel. This publication process automatically generates the complete mobile website which will always be fully consistent with other media published from the same source.
Creating a web site for mobile devices has it’s own challenges. Mobile devices are not only smaller in size, their web browsers are generally slower compared to a desktop or laptop computer. There are many variations in screen sizes and platforms therefore existing print-based designs are often not suitable for these devices. Our solution involved developing a webdesign specifically for mobile devices and an automated publishing process that takes the XML documents from the mediapublisherTM, the artwork from the assetmanagerTM and generates the complete website (including full-text search and web analytics).
“Relate4u has a clear and professional way of guiding us through the process. We’ve strongly appreciated their reliability and their talent to suggest user-friendly ways for mobile navigation and interaction design. Although this project might be a small part of our mobile strategy, their approach has been exemplary for future projects in the mobile domain.”
Bram Timmers
Global Online Marketing Manager at Philips Healthcare
We are big proponents of the “don’t repeat yourself” or “single source” principle. It provides better control over brand-identity, better consistency and we can often help achieve efficiencies by applying these principles using our marketing operations suiteTM. Once your documentation is authored and approved using the workflow built into the mediapublisherTM it can be used for print, web, mobile, databases, interchanged with other content management (CMS) or asset management (DAM) systems. One source, many uses. Your benefit.
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