responsible marketing solutions

relate4u is part of APS Group, a leader in Responsible Marketing Solutions, headquartered in Manchester in the UK. APS is an ethical business with a proactive attitude to the environment, social responsibility and business relationships build on openness, trust, transparency and integrity. Operating responsibly as a business means more than just being “green”. Responsible practices pervade all areas of our business through consideration of our clients, suppliers, the environment, our 600 employees and the wider community.

integrated marketing solutions

Combining the strengths of the three companies which are part of the APS Group, we provide a unique set of capabilities to truly make our customers more successful. From providing creative concepts via Origin Creative, innovative marketing solutions via relate4u and a responsible and sustainable execution network via APS we can support you in all of your marketing challenges worldwide.

strategic growth

relate4u was acquired by APS Group in December 2010 as part of a strategic growth strategy that will see APS group expand its services in Europe and the US. There is an exceptional cultural and commercial fit as our core activities complement one another well, the decision to acquire relate4u was relatively straightforward. We are developing new service lines for our current and future clients across Europe and the US.