the cross-media supply chain

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Many marketing and communication departments today have to manage complex, multi-lingual, geographically distributed, yet complex and inefficient cross-media supply chains. They seek improved efficiencies, quicker speed to market and cost-savings that will allow them to redirect funding and resources to more profitable marketing programs. To do this they need the right creative designs, re-useable content and branding, information systems and process controls to better manage branding, creation, innovation, procurement, production and timely publication and delivery of marketing materials worldwide. This is where relate4u adds value!

simplify media complexity

The current media and marketing landscape is becoming more and more complex for corporate organizations to comprehend: customers are empowered to research every alternative, make their own decisions and transact on their own terms. More than ever, technology and new digitally-driven marketing processes and competencies are at the core of this transformation. Our objective is to create a simpler, faster, better cross-media supply chain for our customers. Using our skilled people, process knowledge and agile technology we provide innovative marketing solutions while ‘simplifying media complexity’. By optimizing the cross-media supply chain we integrate supply-and-demand management within and across companies with a high level of automation. Relate makes technology work 4 you.

how you benefit

With over then 10 years of relevant expertise on our side, we are reducing costs and optimizing performance through creative services, process improvements and automation for our customers. By safeguarding brand identity and increasing sustainability, our clients are more agile and responsive to their customers. Productivity gains are effectively passed on to our clients, thereby making them more streamlined. relate4u is dedicated in building a cross-media supply chain that works in the most efficient and effective manner.